Welcome back Jake Westbrook! I don’t say that because I do not like how the rookies filled in, but more about how he is definitely coming back and how successful he was before going onto the DL. Tyler Lyons and Michael Wacha both filled in admirably during his absence, though they both had a couple […]

You would think after my first foray into hoping for certain players to be drafted ended in heartbreak, I might not do it again. But this is a little different; think more along the lines of generally speaking. Let me preface this by saying, I think the Cardinals have the top 1-2 punch when it […]

Going into the 2013 MLB season, there were two teams that I automatically rooted against every day. It would bring a smile to my face every time Boston or the Yankees would be on the losing side of a box score. Why? Their entitled fans. It’s like their fans think their teams deserve to win […]

Happy Draft Day everyone!! I was looking through the 2013 Draft talk topic and noticed I began the “Draft Tim Anderson” bandwagon on May 10th If you are like me and hoping the reality of the bandwagon comes true, cross your fingers for a few overslot deals before the 15th pick. Cross them a little […]

The Cardinals have had one of the better farm systems the last few years, which reached a peak in 2012/2013 in being named unanimously at the top by about everyone who ranks MLB minor league systems. But there are a few things that were never part of the minor league depth all that time: Impact […]

As I stated multiple times, the original intention of this website was intended to be a private reference point and create a visual of Kicker31′s Draft Board for whoever was in our chat room during the Minorleagueball.com community draft. Good thing I later decided to turn the website into a public draft primer and blog […]

I’ve been debating when to make this topic for awhile now. But after this article , I felt a little extra motivation to do it today. In the MLB draft, there are really three different approaches you can take at each and every pick. I thought I’d break them down a little more for further […]


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