Day 2 of the 2015 MLB draft involves rounds three through ten, and a bunch of research given how most of the players I really had no idea about. Usually in this portion of the draft, teams take a bunch of college seniors because they have no leverage regarding bonus slot money, and thus much […]

At worst, the 2015 draft will make it so the media guys will no longer peg them as a team that will only take college pitchers with their early picks. I loved reading all the quotes from Chris Correa, the Cardinals new draft director, about how they basically picked the best player available when it […]

Notes: – I do not consider myself a scout – Based off my opinion from things listed in my Draft Primer – Prefer hitting tool in position players and command/control in pitchers – Some players may be left off due to my guess on their signability – After Rd 4 pick, not ranked, just numbered […]

I just did the community mock representing the Cardinals on If you don’t know what that is, basically 30 different people represent each ball club and act as if they are the GM for the team they are representing by making the picks in a Mock drat. So every representative GM has to navigate […]

Dates: June 8-10 Early Picks – 23th (Rd 1) – 39th (Competitive Balance Rd A) – 66th (Rd 2) – 100th (Rd 3) – 105th (Compensation for not signing 2014 3rd Rounder Trevor Megill) Mock Draft Compilation Prospect Lists/Draft Boards […]

I know that most everyone has already written their articles about Oscar Taveras and that I am a little late. Apologies. Please blame my tardiness on my own shock level, our recent NLCS mishap, the disgust I have with the SF Giants and a busy every day life. My general view is kind of like […]

It has been quoted numerous times that the hardest part about being a big league manager is the use of the bullpen. No where is that more evident than when it comes to Mike Matheny. As most astute Cardinal fans know, he’s had trouble with matchups, overuse, not trusting some players, too much faith in […]


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